Friday, January 20, 2012


This past Monday I visited the beautiful campus of Indiana Wesleyan University. I loved every stinkin' minute of it:). The community was fantastic! Chapel was incredible and the campus is gorgeous!

The day was not all jolly and good though.

On Sunday morning we started out going to church in Muncie with my cousin Paige and her roomate Coley. The worship was amazing!!!

Then we went to Marion, Indiana and met up with Jessica. You may remember her from this post. She gave us an unofficial tour of the campus and told me what dorm I should apply for. It was great to be able to walk around and talk with her:)!

Then we drove to Gas City, Indiana to check into our hotel. It was maybe 5:00. "Mom, I'm not sitting in this hotel for five hours, sorry." So we tried to find a movie to watch in the theater in Marion. No luck. Then mom surprisingly suggests that we just get in the car and drive. So we did. Drove right past a Bingo joint we did! I was upset at that one. I would have rocked that Bingo hall, you best believe it. We drove through Marion and then realized why there were so many activities on campus at IWU. Enough said. We ended up shopping at Cracker Barrel. Place makes me smile:).

We went back to the hotel room and watched the Golden Globes until we fell asleep. I have just one thing to say to all you actors and actresses on that show. >>The music means your speech is over. O-V-E-R. It's not your cue to squeeze eveything in tht you can. Crazies.

So, we woke up at 6:45 Monday morning (and here I thought it was MLK day and I had the day off, silly me:)). We went down and ate our breakfast. While I was getting my food I assumed I was just having cramps. They'd surely be gone in a little while! Not. 7 hours of what felt like someone stabbing me in my lower right side. My WebMD app basically told me I had appendicitis. Mim thought I was crazy. Dr. Breyer (my endocronologist) said I wasn't crazy, but I didn't have appendicitis fortunately.

So, all day was full of me crying, doubled over in the back of banquet rooms during informative admissions speeches and such. No big deal.

Overall, I would have loved to done more other than sit in the fetal position in my free time. But, stuff like that will get you every time.

Visit IWU!!! It's awesome! I'm praying that God shows me where I need to go and then opens up finacial such for me:).

Peace out girl scouts!

P.S. I'm still having pain in the region of my appendix so I would very much appreciate your prayers!

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