Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tour De Casa

On March 15, 2016, Daniel and I closed on a house located in Van Wert. We moved here because of the proximity to his job at Window Creations, LLC.

I have taken a few pictures of each area in our home. I cannot tell you how good it feels to finally have a house that is all ours! No decorating wars with my lovely mother anymore...

I am loving my teal "hello" mat from Target! And a little reminder of God's sovereignty each time we open the back door.

And if you haven't heard, we have chickens! Poachy, Huevo, Pollo, Red, 'Merica, and Sunny. It is yet to be determined if any of these ladies are in fact dudes.  Also, shout out to my amazing husband for our awesome coop!

This is Poachy, she's my fav!

Here is a front view of the house!

And the laundry room, with the amazing pantry that Daniel built. There is a story behind that sign! When Daniel and I were dating, he told me that he always wanted a sign that said, "Laundry, drop your pants here." So, during our engagement, I finally found one!

update:: I finally have my cute curtains that hide the water heater and furnace hung up!

Onto the kitchen, where I spend countless hours being creative with food, doing the dishes, and drinking lots of coffee!

Daniel made two new open shelves out of walnut from my parent's woods. I love the decorative element it adds to the kitchen as a whole while adding much needed storage space.

I can finally feed my apron obsession!

My meal planning board that happens to save us a lot of time, thinking, frustration, and money! I will be doing a "how to" post on meal planning!

This area serves as our living and dining space. We have a kind of rustic/antique/Navajo feel throughout the house. And the living room is where my plants reign in all their glory!

96% of our furniture is courtesy of the Farmer clan!

We are using the third bedroom as an office. This is the space we will convert into a nursery when babies arrive!

I LOVE our bathroom. The black and white tiles are swoony (though they need mopped ALL the time) and I am pleased with the wall color we chose!

Next up: The guest bedroom! Target comforter on clearance, garage sale art, embroidery done by mother many moons ago, and a rocking chair bought off of my grandpa.

And last, but certainly not least, the master bedroom. Mama Kim found the dresser set at an antique store, Daniel built a pallet headboard (isn't he just great?), and we LOVE our charcoal comforter with the dark teal accent wall. Also, these lamps came from my aunt Michelle. They are totally rusted out and still work!

We are so extremely blessed by all of the furniture, wall art, and decorations we have been given over the years and right up to the point of moving. We only had to buy our matress and box spring, and the washer and dryer new. Everything else was given out of love or sold to us for a very reasonable price! My aunt and uncle gave us a few gallons of free paint. Brenda, Mara, and Jennie are the main sources of my decorations. And my handsome husband is responsible for the beautiful wood floors, shelving, chicken coop, and pantry, amongst many other things in our humble abode. We are so glad to call this place home!


  1. FABULOUS! Setting up your first home is so much fun :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. ❤️����It's beautiful Mrs. Happy Eversmanafter