Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Blog Facelift, a Funny Story, and a Life Update {kind of a big one}

Hello beautiful people!

Would you like to hear a funny story?

That last post I wrote (Sunrise, Sunset), was about my husband. Except I didn't know it was about my husband. Funny how life works, eh?

That's right, my "dear friend" that I refer to, is none other than Mr. Daniel Eversman, my hot husband. Now, that post was written in November of 2014 (yes, I still stink at blogging), let me give you a basic breakdown of life since then.

December 2014- Daniel and I began talking as "more than friends"

March 2015- Daniel stated his intentions of dating and marriage to me (although the little stinker knew he was going to marry me in July of 2014, he never tells me anything). The week after he stated his intentions to me, he asked me to date him down on the low ropes course of Ludlow Falls Camp. I said "YES!"

May 2015- Daniel and I graduated from college!

September 11, 2015- Daniel asked me to marry him at camp and I said, "HECK YES!"

September 11, 2015- May 14,  2016- Pure crazy. That's right, absolute craziness. I completed my first year of teaching, Daniel started working at Window Creations LLC, and we grew closer to one another through trials, tears, happiness, laughter, and wedding planning. We bought a house in Van Wert. And finally, on May 14, we were joined at the hip surgically. Just kidding. We got married in the sight of God, our family, and our closest friends. We had the time of our lives!! Also, my sweet baby niece was born the day of our wedding! Meet Alexis May.

June 2016- Here we are, an old married couple. And I have news for you, marriage is the bomb!


And I get to watch this sweet thing when I'm lucky!

So, now that we are all caught up, I will be posting a little more often than I have been, because frankly, I have free time. No college. No wedding planning. No nothing. I love this stage in life!

Upcoming posts:

- How I studied God's love for me throughout my engagement (the title is rough, I'll fix it)
- A House Tour! ( because I know you want to meet my chickens)

Prayer request:

I need a job in the worst way. Please be praying for the Lord to show me where the best place for me is and that I can shine His glorious light wherever I may end up.

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  1. Praying for a job for you...loved the blog...and so excited for you that marriage to your "Hunk" is all that you had dreamed and hoped it would be!! Miss you