Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Signs of Mondaytuesdayness

Sign #1: Bun, T-shirt, Glasses, Zit. Yummo...

This is my brother's cozy hug bear. He won it at my Grandma's side's Christmas party gift exchange. We brought it (a.k.a. MAJOR party foul). I had a HUGE headache when I got home from prison school yesterday, so i heated him up and snuggled him on my neck and POOF! Gone. Teddy bear done did work on that headache, yes he did.

 Sign numero 2: I wore my golden shoes today. Also called the most comfortable pair of Target shoes EVER. I wear them on yucky days. Tuesdays are yucky. Don't try to convince me otherwise, please.

Sign number C: This picture of pure mid-winter bliss:) So pretty out there! God sure can amaze me....how about you?

Anywho, Happy Monday/ Tuesday!

Peace out girlscouts.

1 comment:

  1. I like your new look! So are you for sure coming tomorrow?