Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Bells Still Ringing

I had a great time at family gatherings this weekend! I got my new schmancy camera too:) So, the weekend was documented with a grand total of like 200 pictures...whoops.

Once my blogger uploads pictures a heck of a lot faster, maybe I'll download some more pictures. But until then, you are stuck with the bare-minimum.

Christmas day service at church was wonderful once again. I sang the special "Innkeeper" and Pastor Rob coincidentally preached on Baby Jesus specifically. It's amazing how God can make those things happen.

By: Roger Emerson

Oh Mary, I know you're tired, but there’s no room at the Inn.
Oh Mary, I’ll try once more, maybe he’ll fit us in.
Innkeeper, Innkeeper, do you have room for my wife with child?
Innkeeper, Innkeeper, can you make room for the meek and mild?

Oh Mary, sorry is he; there is no room today.
Oh Mary, I’ll try once more; you wait behind and pray.
Innkeeper, Innkeeper, please don’t say no, we’ve traveled far, you see.
Innkeeper, Innkeeper, how could you know? A King He’s destined to be.

Innkeeper, Innkeeper, what’s that you say? A stable lined with straw.
Innkeeper, Innkeeper, where will he lay? With friendly beasts in awe.
Innkeepers, Innkeepers, Innkeepers all, do you have room for the child?
Inkeepers, Inkeepers,won't you make room for the Holy child?
Innkeepers, Inkeepers, Innkeepers all! Do you have room for the child?

I hope with all my heart that you have made room for your King this CHRISTmas season.
Don't be like the Innkeeper 2000 some years ago, MAKE room.

Merry CHRISTmas from me to you:).

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