Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When I Feel Cleany....

I. Am. A. Horrible (with a capital H, sir). Blogger.

Everytime I have gotten on here to read through my blog roll, I think, Oh I'll write that post that's been brewing in my head for days. Psshh. That NEVER happens. Ever. So here I am with a post about today and the past few days and several random tangents from posts I should have written ages ago. Amen. Hang in there folks:).

So, this Saturday I stayed home. Those of you who know me realize that this is a serious accomplishment because if I have nothing important going on, I go to Jennie's house and craft, love on her babies, and live out my life goal with the help of her kids....  

I stayed home with the intention of sleeping in. At Jennie's house, sleeping in is 8:00 AM. I had been exhausted all week, so this was NOT happening. Guess what time I woke up?

Smarties. 8:00 AM. Grrr. I was not happy.

Anyways. My mom wasn't home so I started with laundry. Finished. Then dishes. Finished. Then clutter. Finished. Then I started cleaning things I didn't know could be cleaned. Amen.

This week has resulted in me going to bed at 9:30- 9:45 every night. It's lovely, try it:). I've gone through all of my clothes, twice. Gotten rid of a HUGE stack. I've dusted my entire room. I swept under my bed tonight and got rid of a big bag of trash and a bag of stuff that can be taken to the GW boutique (Goodwill).

I feel accomplished. Now for the "good stuff".

Random tangent #1:

Last weekend I was at Jennie's and her mom, Brenda, lives right next door. She put up the trampoline and her grandkids and I (yes, I was involved) jumped until I felt like my cardio workout was satisfactory. The littles and I went inside and drank a lot of water. Then, her older two girls and I played sour apple. I was swept back into the years of my childhood with my dozen cousins. We used to play sour apple at Granny's house.

Sour Apple = game on the trampoline in which one cannot touch the ball that is bouncing about. If one does, he/she is out for that round. If one catches the ball, he/she is not out, but gets to do a cool trick while throwing the ball back in. If the ball were to roll off of the trampoline, the last person to do a bottom buster (and lick the trampoline at Granny's) has to go and get it.

Now you are informed.

Random Tangent #2: I miss Kelsey. She's a college student now and doesn't live near me:(. And she is taking a summer job at a co-ed camp in Michigan (?) and I will only see her the first week of the summer and the last. I'm sad. Eating grease slaw and dandelions won't be the same without you, dear :'(.

Random Tangent #3: I am soooooo excited for camp. Ludlow Falls (woot-woot) is the most special (I'm not sure if that was said properly) church camp in the history of them all. Revival happens every year. Covenants are made each year. Friends are reunited and tea is drunken in surplus amounts.

Random Tangent #4: My two best friends and I went to Goodwill the other day in the hopes of finding our summer attire. Kristen and I looked hard, there wasn't much to be found (Bailey was just in it for the frappe). I made out of there with more decorations for my non-existent house, a black and white, pleated, houndstooth skirt!, and a swimcover-up turned dress with leggings. I called it a successful day and left with a smile:).

I'm done now. If you made it this far, I'm proud of you. I know who my true blogbuds are now:). Just kidding, but really. My internet is also being a tad bit silly, so no pictures for now, lo siento:(.

Peace out girl scouts.


  1. we certainly missed you thus past weekend. I made a nursing cover, two bibs and an embroidered onsie...but it definatley wasn't the same without you dear!!!
    love and miss you!!!

  2. You made me cry. Stop that. Keep blogging strong. :)