Thursday, September 15, 2011

Seven Severely Damaged Tomato Cages Later....

My tomato jungle is finally gone! Now, you may be saying to yourself, "Tomato jungle?". Yes. Tomato Jungle. It was a horrible place to harvest my vegetables from. But I enjoyed the harvest afterwards:).
 I decided that I would have a garden this year. Silly me, being a 16 year-old girl and all, planted every vegetable I could think of. I ignored my dad's reasons why this was going to be overwhelming and how I should just plant a few vegetables. Ended up, my tomatoes were just 1 of about 15 different vegetables. Now let me tell you the problems with my tomato jungle.
1. We got a lot of rain. A lot. And therefore a late start.
2. We had an abundantly fertilized garden.
3. I got twelve different tomato plants because the guy at Siegals gave them to me(grr).
4. We only had 7 tomato cages (weak ones) for 12 plants.
And thus was born the tomato jungle! I felt like i was on a hike through the amazon everytime I needed a stinkin' 5-gallon bucket of tomatoes. I got poked in the leg, stabbed in the face, and got cuts all over my hands. Tomato jungles and me, we just don't get along. So next year there WILL be more, stronger tomato cages to keep that section of my garden from becoming a jungle again.

My poor tomato cages...

But wait! There's more...

I've got myself one killer compost pile now:).

Say, I seem to remember a tomato jungle here....:)
And yes, I did just leave all of those already rotting tomatoes there to finish rotting and fertilize my garden:).

My last bowl of tomatoes:). Ah, sweet relief.
I use the green ones to make fried green tomatoes....yummo!

So, if you ever want tomatoes in your garden, remember to get yourself some good, sturdy tomato cages. If you don't, I hope you don't get lost in your tomato jungle;).

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  1. What a wonderful job you did this year on your garden! I'm SO proud!!! :)
    Love you,