Monday, September 26, 2011

It's a Piece of Cake, Literally

Along with the JDRF walk this weekend, I made a cake and mom and I made a diaper cake.
For directions on how to make a diaper cake, click here.
This is how mom and I's turned out:

Idn't it cute? :)

Top view:) All of the cute little toys were so fun and easy to pick out...

Then we stuck all of the extras such as diapers, toys, extra blankets, bottle package, and toy containers back into the diaper box.

And now for the yummy, edible cake that I made after I got home from a youth retreat at Ludlow Falls Camp. Noise was the name of it, and it suits it very well. We "learn" to worship our God with everything we have, had small groups, great worship, and limited sleep:).

So I just realized I didn't tell you what either of these baby themed cakes were for. Wow. So, my youth pastor's wife, Kathryn, is pregnant with her first little baby. A little boy I affectionately call Tibbles:).

Continuing on...

Idn't IT cute?:) This was hard to do on 4 hours of sleep, but I managed. There was only 1 piece of sheetcake left when everybody went through the line. Brad was a very happy camper that he got to take this cake home with him:).

Lord, I ask that you would be with Kat and Brad and little Tibbles. That you would bless that little boy all of his life, that you would guide Brad and Kat on how to parent him and raise him up to be a godly man. Amen.

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