Monday, February 20, 2012

my 5 loves lately

1. Crafting!!!
Don't you just love the feeling when you a project and it actually turns out nice?! I've had this happen a lot lately and it's wonderful! I made a ombre mobile yesterday and today and it turned out so well! More details on that to come tomorrow:).

2. Peppermint bark
When I opened our package of peppermint bark I started to sing "I've got a golden ticket" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! Love that movie and peppermint bark! It's not too strong and that's why I like it because peppermint is not one of my favorite flavors out there.

3. Love Spell by Victoria's Secret
Yum!!!! It smells sooo good:). I don't like perfume because it makes my head hurt so I stick to certain body sprays:). Love Spell is fabulous! Go getchoosome.

 I also have the lotion that I got for 98 cents with my secret reward card:) yes!!

I love me a good crime show. NCIS has been one of my families favorites for a while. It makes me nervous, but I still watch it because it's so good! And funny too. Dinozzo and his McGee jokes and Ziva always messes up American phrases. And the classic Gibbs head slap. And Ducky talks to the corpses like they're alive. And Abby is just a beast. Does anyone know if she got her spider tat removed!? We can't find it anymore. Anyways, watch it and love it, please? I'm being bossy tonight.Vance is a jerkish director. No me gusta.

Abby is being all Abbyish in this picture:). yes! Oh, and she's addicted to caff-pow! I just love Abby!

5. Avacado and Muenster Grilled Cheese.
All I have to say is yum. FPFG gave me this idea a few weeks ago and I've had 4 of them so far. They're fabulous!

Okay so I lied, there are 6.

6. Green Stuff.
This is a seasoning mix that we use on everything! We have no idea what is in it either. A few years ago at Ludlow Falls Church Camp a missionary couple left a bunch of stuff from Germany in our cabin. It was so sweet of them! Included was the green stuff:

To question the use of green stuff upon any savory dish is an incredulous insult. It doesn't get questioned, it just gets put. Everywhere. Chicken salad? Green stuff. Steak? Green stuff. Spaghetti? Green stuff. Don't ask, just sprinkle. Getchoosome here.

Peace out girlscouts!


  1. love the craft! I finally checked out deeply rooted. Looks like a good place to hang out (when time allows).
    Love ya.

  2. LOVE SPELL. Sam uses it too. :) We're all so cute.