Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Knee Deep In My Past

A.k.a. cleaning out my closet. There were lots of goodies in store for me. Let me tell you....

I kept finding these little cows that I got when I was eight or nine. I couldn't tell you where or why I got them, but I know that I played with them and my Polly Pockets for hours. One of them was definitely named Rosie and she had a heart on her head. I know, suspicious.

(Now that I've dragged you into this mess, I will warn you, it's about to get real random up in here. Brace yourselves.) You have been formally warned.

Continuing, I found a load of devotionals from my child/ tween years. I promptly put them in "Hope Chest" boxes along with the slew of books I found at my grandma's house. <-----Some of them are a hundred tears old! And about the "Hope Chest" boxes, I filled my hope chest to the brim already. It's strategically packed to a Point of No Return. See what I did there?

Miss Tipton, my elementary music teacher, would be proud to know that I still have my recorder. What's a recorder you ask? It's kind of like a clarinet, except it's plastic, high pitched, irritating as all getout, and easy to learn. "Hot Cross Buns" was a second grade favorite.

I found a boatload of DIY kits. Which makes it kind of not DIY, whatever. I had hemp bracelets, T-shirt paint, scrapbooking, and one of those yarn things where you pull little pieces of yarn through a plastic do-dad and make a picture of sunshine! (I'm good with terminology).

I also found my fairy wings from my wee-little days:). I smiled really big then too.

This is embarassing. In middle school, I had one crazy best friend. We took old glasses cases and put some frilly yarn (retro, oh yeah) in them.Then we made little pompoms with eyes and such. The glasses cases were their groovy apartment. Yeah, I'm ashamed too. We played with these things like a dog plays with it's tail. Craziness.
<em>The giving tree</em> [Book]
Moving on. After I giggled at my immaturity, I cried while reading the book The Giving Tree. You haven't read it? SHAME ON YOU! No, but seriously, read it. It teaches a lesson and makes you cry once you appreciate it. It's 15 pages long. Win-win.

I apoligize for my ramblyness. Word? I think not. I've been out of school for a whole day, give a girl a break. I appreciate your understanding. Have a nice Thanksgiving!!!

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