Sunday, September 23, 2012

Holy Short: A World Without Modesty

Homecoming is just around the corner in my little town. As of today at 12:00, I was without a dress.

After church, Mim and I decided that we had enough time to search for a dress. Little did we know that all of the dresses available were hemmed at a foot above the knee! Wowza!

Going to homecoming while trying to be modest proved to be a huge challenge today. I wasn't going to settle for anything less than knee length, knowing what kind of thoughts a short dress provokes in a man. Why would we want our counterparts to suffer?

Ladies, let's leave a LOT to the imagination of men around us. Save it for your hubby one day:

I love this quote! It speaks so much truth into my heart about what I want to be for my husband one day: pure and holy.

Modesty starts in the heart NOT the mind. I pray to God to give me a desire to be modest. He will be the only one who can start from your heart out, and that makes all the difference.

Peace out, girl scouts!

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