Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Fun thus far

Going to open with this: I'm an awful blogger. Let's not talk about it. K? K.

Listing what you've missed in my life would be pointless because I don't even know what you've missed in my life. But, I guess I'll try!

-Graduated highschool! Yay!
-Had a fun Memorial Day celebration at Jennie's
-Kelsey is home, and the bakery is open! And sewing shop. And chat sessions.
-Garage Sales are on!
- Oh, and I'm going to New York City on Thursday!!!!!

Our delightful icing stained. Bad.

My greatest garage sale find! I prayed for this before I left the house, God is good!

It hangs upstairs above my hope chest.

My new craft corner.

My new memory board from my dear friend, Laura.

Two great quotes adorning my craft corner desk:).