Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kids Camp 2012!

This past week was packed full of fun! And exhaustion, children (a whole slew), coughs, tummy aches, camp food, and large trees falling on things that large trees should not fall on. What was this occasion, you may ask?

Kids Camp of course!

It was a week well spent with Jennie, Jessica (La La and/or Becca according to Maddie), the Warner kids, and a load of campers.

I have lost sleep, discovered that Jessica is capable of saving my life (four times), gained memories and some shrapnel in my arm.

Sounds like a fantastice week to me!

On Sunday and Monday I was a counselor for Kids Alive. This was a two day one night mini camp for the first and second graders. We are attempting to prepare the younger kids for a week away from their parents at Kids Camp. I was lucky enough to have Brenda as my co-counselor.

Though blurry, this picture perfectly captures Pastor Paul, the speaker for both camps. He and his wife, Miss Jessica, had an extremely interactive and fun program. I don't think it was possible to get bored in one of his messages!

This is my happy little dinosaur, Maddie. I make this reference to our historic friends because when one lays this small fry down in her crib, the dinosaur noises ensue. It's histerical! She had a bit of a cold this week :(. But sisterooni held through the week better than most of her older counterparts:).

Action Jackson is learning to be a wonderful big brother to Maddie and Sam. He'll be a wonderful daddy someday.

This is probably the only time that Sam was sitting still long enough for me to take a picture. Isn't he so sweet? Inside is a little ball of energy that doesn't understand that kittens don't enjoy being grabbed around the neck. He'll learn:).

I'm missing three of my Warner kids in this post. They were only seen by us adults at meal time and bed time. Bailie was a camper and Rylie and Lillie were galavanting through camp most of the week. They love it there, as do I!

And then there's this lovely lady. Jessica. She and I tag teamed all week as we watched the kids while Jennie tended to her camp manager wife duties:). She serves Jennie well, as her niece and her assistant during camps. 20 days and she'll be at it again (and I may be joining her!).

It's been real. Thank you to all of the behind the scenes workers at camp as well as the directors. You all did a great job!

Peace out, girl scouts.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Well folks, if you've been wondering why I never blog, it's because my internet is a gypsy. It wanders aimlessly. And I've been tending to this:

It comes to my Mim's armpit. She may not be a tall lady, but that is one giant zuchini plant I've got.

My green beans look 10x better than last year.

I have to be nice to these tomato cages according to Dad. I hurt them significantly last year. Remember?

And these guys. I have harvested about 3 1/2 gallons of snow peas so far. I've been blanching and freezing most of them...

Here's how:

Grab yourself a medium sized stock pot and fill it about half way full of water. Throw in a few dashes of salt for extra flavor. Once the water is at a hard boil (medium- high heat) throw about a pound of pea pods in. The water will stop boiling for about 30 seconds (it's okay!). Prepare a bowl of ice water (actually put ice in the water, we aren't messing around here). This is to stop the cooking process. After two minutes of blanching, take out the pods with a slotted spoon and put them into the ice bath.

I usually prepare two bowls of ice water if I have a lot of pods at once. They will need to cool at least 4 minutes. Take the pods out of the ice water (brrr) and place them on towls to partially dry before placing them in zip-lock bags (quart size). Place in the freezer!

I hope your harvest is bountiful!!!

Peace out, girl scouts...